Worldwide Ticket

To all travelers who are passionate to visit all parts of the world, Fly and More Travel provides you with a service which can easily reserve tickets in any countries across the globe. Just call us anytime and our friendly travel agent staff will immediately assist you.

Hotel Reservations

Our skilled travel agents are striving diligently to match any customer’s specific requirements for their accommodation and we often receive satisfactory feedbacks on our portfolio of luxury hotels. Also, we’ve noticed that most of our customers love a specific type of hotel brands and choose the same hotel every time they travel. Whether the customers prefer 5-star hotels, beach resorts, or looking only for inspiration, customers may contact our travel agents to plan and organize their stay.

Travel Insurance

All travelers will receive all the detailed information needed on any specific destination, which includes risk assessments, travel advisories, currency exchange rate, and visa processing requirements. We provide a service that monitors all travelers about the real-time global conditions that may affect their travel and safety. With the assistance of our insurance provider partner, all travelers are provided with a comprehensive medical protection and coverage for specified security charges.

Corporate Travel Solutions

Fly and More Travel is capable of organizing a small board of directors or assembling hundreds of employees for a conference and we are the experts in helping to prepare your corporate meetings.

By gathering all of your requirements, our dedicated travel agent team will plan and organize exclusively for you to assure that we will meet or exceed your expectations.

We also practice a proactive strategy in order for us to think in advance and by this process, it gives confidence and assurance that we are taking care of each aspect of the meeting.

VIP Service

Fly and More Travel provides VIP services for any customers who require to have the flexibility to customize a tour. Our travel agents are proficient in collaborating selected luxury hotels, VIP transportations and premium tour companies worldwide.

We customize a travel itinerary that allows VIP customers to schedule their own tours, explore places at their own pace, choose their convenient hotels and render as much flexibility as far as they like on their desired destination.